Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the stories we tell: myths, fairy tales, and the retelling of ancestral memories. These are the recurring themes in my work.

My artwork has evolved from traditional printmaking and illustration to a combination of monoprinting and photo transfer surface treatment. Scale has varied as well, from small 2”x4” landscape compositions to 47”x 7” paper composite cylinders.

I begin with a visual narrative in mind. Inspiration may come from poetry, old black and white photographs, or a trip to a 15th century church in England.

My primary materials are multiple handmade papers and textured gelatin monoprints . These elements are torn, collaged, layered and combined with photo transfers.  Images are linked through color that flows and intertwines throughout the composition. My intent is for the flow of images to resemble a remembered dream where some vague image is underneath another, in a kind of recall or reminiscence.  Ethereal is a good description for my work.

In addition to block printing inks, oil sticks and acrylics are my color materials of choice. Turquoise, rust and some gold element (thread, joss paper, gold  leaf) repeats in my work. I don’t feel a piece is finished without a bit of gold. It is the thread that runs through many pieces and represents for me, a spiritual connection.

My  work of tide pools and reefs is a departure from the harmony of  previous work. The scale is larger and the palette is expanded with bolder colors. There is no ”hush” to this work.  Instead of layered papers and prints, colors and shapes are layered, lacquered, and layered again, producing a feeling of underwater energy. The series can be described as a display of marine life with an exotic edge.  I think of it as an aquatic dreamscape.



Mixed-media artist