Inspiration: Anamnesis series

anamnesis 2 detail


Anamnesis refers to  recollection or reminiscence. It derives from Plato’s psychological theory that learning is actually a rediscovering of knowledge within us from past incarnations.

A portion of a poem by Lisel Mueller is the inspiration behind the Anamnesis series.

“Why we tell stories”

Because we used to have leaves

and on damp days

our muscles feel a tug,

painful now, from when roots

pulled us into the ground

and because our children believe

they can fly, an instinct retained

from when the bones in our arms

were shaped like zithers and broke

neatly under their feathers

and because before we had lungs

we knew how far it was to the bottom

as we floated open-eyed

like painted scarves through the scenery

of dreams, and because we awakened

and learned to speak.






Mixed-media artist